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9h30 - 20h00

مفتوح من الاثنين إلى السبت

Our mission

Alleviating the suffering of newborns

To collect, house and preserve the dignity of abandoned newborns, whose destiny was to be born without a biological identity, with the aim of achieving social justice and helping to alleviate the suffering of the new-abandoned children, victims of illegitimate relationships or following the occurrence of psychiatric crises for parents.

Mission 1

To embrace and protect the dignity of abandoned newborns, destined by divine fates to be born without biological identity, in search of justice in their lives. For the occurrence of psychological crises for parents.


Mission 3

To receive abandoned infants who are brought by security authorities, as directed by Her Majesty’s agent, after investigating their place of detention, until they are sponsored by benefactors.


Mission 2

Support for children with permanent handicaps whose handicap is discovered during their stay in crèche, among the newborns received.


Our History

The Association “La Crèche de Tanger” for newborns and abandoned children was created on 18 November 1987. Recognized of public utility by the General Secretariat of the Government in 1995 and the by the Ministry of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality and the Family and by the National Mutual Aid as Institution of Social Protection. Its capacity is 109 residents.

President’s word

"I had the honour of chairing the Tangier Crèches Association for Abandoned Infants and Children in 2006, and since then we have been working to make this institution a safe nest, whether for abandoned infants or children, or in a difficult situation or in a state of disability.
Our management of these groups of children is governed by rules and laws that we respect and apply from the registration of infants and children in the nursery on the order of the Public Prosecutor until the date of their departure after the provisions of sponsorship for their guardian of families.
Our children are enrolled in various schools and educational institutions, including privacy (Al-Imam Al-Shazly School Group, Aisha Umm Al-Mu'minin Preparatory School, School for the Disabled (Children of Heaven)Brothers for the Disabled Association, Najdeh Association for Autistic Youth). We take care of them in terms of education, health, residency and entertainment.
We cannot compensate for the mother’s tenderness, but in a spirit of responsibility we seek to find mothers and foster fathers who offer our children a loving heart, a safe home and a promising future.
Thank you to all those who have supported us, and thank you to all those who will extend a kind hand to our children. From you we draw our strength to continue the promising path of our association. May you be faithful to the charitable work. "

Khadija Bouabidi

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Abdelkrim Amrani
Abdelkrim Amrani
It used to be much better. It is. Place full of bars, cafes, and restaurants.
Sanaa Mhadi
Sanaa Mhadi
hamza ait taleb
hamza ait taleb
Miloud Mil
Miloud Mil
ربما كنت غير محظوظ...خدمة رديئة،لا أحد في الإستقبال، الزائر غير مرغوب فيه، حتى ابتسامة ترحيب منعدمة وكأنك في زيارة للمقاطعة الحضرية او البلدية
Benjrada Hamid
Benjrada Hamid