Creche de Tanger

9h30 - 20h00

Open from Monday to Saturday

+212 5 39 93 31 66

+212 5 39 33 12 46

+212 6 61 06 70 16

9h30 - 20h00

مفتوح من الاثنين إلى السبت

The association “La Crèche de Tanger”, chaired by Ms. Khadija Bouabaidi, has the main objective of caring for children born without biological identity. This association has a team completely devoted to carrying out its tasks, which boil down to taking good care of these newborns, not only work in rotation day and night, this team is responsible for the education and support of these children, in addition to a volunteer medical team and a legal team for all adoption procedures.

Several great personalities have already visited the children of the Tangier nursery, including Lalla Malika Alaoui, Samira Said, Dounia Batma, Nabil Ayachi, Leila Aziz, and many others. The object of these visits being to discover the life of these children, but also to be their ambassadors with different institutions and donors in order to provide for all their important needs, but who also bring their own material and moral support to the association so that these children do not feel abandoned.

The new building of the Crèche de Tanger is considered a real architectural gem, thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment and facilities that meet international standards. But also the cleanliness of all the premises and a very qualified staff make this nursery exceptional and full of love and warmth.

The efforts of Mrs. Khadija Bouabaidi are well received, this generous woman sacrifices all her time for her children and makes sure that they can live a normal and balanced life and finds them the right families to adopt them.

Finally, we can say that this is an important social project for the city of Tangier, and deserves the support of all the inhabitants of the city of Tangier in order to ensure these little angels a better future within society.

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