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مفتوح من الاثنين إلى السبت

Khadija Bouabaidi, the president of the Crèche de Tanger organized a sumptuous party celebrating Independence Day which coincides with the 35th anniversary of the creation of the Nursery for abandoned children in Tangier.

A pretty double commemoration to which several hundred guests, individuals and representatives of many companies in Tangier responded to this call, which has the particular objective of ensuring, through aid and subsidies, that these children are secure and do not miss you’re welcome.

The hall of the Kasr al Anouar palace was full of friends, natural and legal persons who marked by their presence their absolute support for this great lady and the association she has chaired so honorably for several years.

The animation of the musical evening was the other strong point of this event. Khadija Bouabaidi knew how to make an excellent choice by inviting the diva The singers Haja Hlima, El Gnaoui and the excellent Aaboud who knew how to carry the room during unforgettable moments.

In its new headquarters located in the Boubana district at the foot of the “Jbel El Kebir” mountain of Tangier, the Tangier nursery welcomes newborns and children with inclement living conditions, who have been abandoned by their families at the end of the day. birth.

The Tanger Nursery Association for Newborns and Abandoned Children tries on a daily basis to compensate for the maternal affection that abandoned children lack who have found themselves helpless in the face of the harshness of life, without protection or support, while trying to fill the void identified in the care of this category of children within a society still under the influence of strict traditions and customs.

This association, which celebrates the 35th anniversary of its creation (November 18, 1987) and was recognized as being of public utility in 1995, aims to collect, house and preserve the dignity of abandoned newborns, whose destiny has wanted that are born without biological identity.
This noble objective, explained the president of the association, Khadija Bouebaidi, aims to achieve social justice and alleviate the suffering of abandoned newborns, victims of illegitimate relationships or following the occurrence of psychiatric crises for parents, preventing them from being taken care of.
This woman, who dedicated herself to the service of abandoned children, worked alongside other women in Tangier to realize the dream of setting up a suitable place for children confronted with the harshness of life and seeking a cozy nest to welcome them and a shelter where to feed.
The center in its current characteristics was a dream for the association, confided Ms. Bouebaidi, noting that this dream has been realized thanks to the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) and all the partners who have contributed to the mobilization of land, as well as the construction and equipment of the center.

On December 5, 2018, the dream came true with the inauguration of the new headquarters of the association, implemented within the framework of the INDH, with a budget of 13 million dirhams (MDH).
The center accommodates several dozen children, including newborns abandoned a few weeks after birth, and newborns with known identities and in difficult circumstances who have been admitted to the center while waiting to complete the taking procedures. supported by the General Prosecutor’s Office, in addition to newborns and children with special needs.

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