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مفتوح من الاثنين إلى السبت

Under the supervision of the Social Section of the prefecture of Tangiers, a workshop was organized today on the regional action plan for child protection in the prefecture of Tangiers, during which the recommendations of the field study on street children in Tangiers, January 2023, were studied and summarized in the following axes:
Providing basic services
Providing human resources
Ensure the quality of social care
Improve programs and laws.
Mrs. Khadija Bouabidi, the president of the Tangier Nursery Association for Infants and Abandoned Children, and the general secretary of the association, Ms. Zuhour Al-Ghazawi Al-Qasimi, participated in this meeting.
The meeting was chaired by Mr. Mohamed Amziane, Head of the Social Section of the Prefecture of Tangiers, and in the presence of the Pasha of Tangiers Medina, Mr. Mustafa Hissar and representatives of the associations.
Engaged in this community project that was carried out by a study office and its outputs were presented by Professor Muhammad Khabar