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9h30 - 20h00

مفتوح من الاثنين إلى السبت

Great joy and great joy spread to the children of the Tangier nursery, the administrative office and the employees with a historic visit to the national team of the Atlas Lions for the heroes who honored our country with their victories, their courage and their dedication to the love of their country, a visit that had a beautiful and wonderful effect on the children who were racing to take pictures with the heroes and calling them by their names.
Thank you, Atlas Lions. May you be safe wherever you go, and may God make victory your ally always.
Khadija Bouabidi, head of the Tangiers Kindergarten for abandoned infants and childrenMerci, Lions de l’Atlas.Puissiez-vous être en sécurité où que vous alliez, et que Dieu fasse de la victoire votre alliée pour toujours.
Mrs. Khadija Bouebaidi the president of the Crèche De Tanger for newborns and abandoned children

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