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مفتوح من الاثنين إلى السبت

The visit of the national team to the crèche in Tangier

Great joy and great joy spread to the children of the Tangier nursery, the administrative office and the employees with a historic visit to the national team of the Atlas Lions for the heroes who honored our country with their victories, their courage and their dedication to the love of their country, a visit that […]

The presence of Mrs. Khadija Bouabidi, Head of Tangier Nursery, in a workshop on the regional action plan for child protection in the prefecture of Tangiers

Previous Next Under the supervision of the Social Section of the prefecture of Tangiers, a workshop was organized today on the regional action plan for child protection in the prefecture of Tangiers, during which the recommendations of the field study on street children in Tangiers, January 2023, were studied and summarized in the following axes:Providing […]

Association La Crèche De Tanger: Efforts That Deserve Recognition

The association “La Crèche de Tanger”, chaired by Ms. Khadija Bouabaidi, has the main objective of caring for children born without biological identity. This association has a team completely devoted to carrying out its tasks, which boil down to taking good care of these newborns, not only work in rotation day and night, this team […]

We do everything we can to be up to the task

Khadija Bouebaidi, president of the association “La Crèche de Tanger” The crèche for newborns and abandoned children in Tangier is one of the eminent institutions in the kingdom. It devotes itself with dedication to the benefit of this vulnerable category of our society. It is also trusted by the most trusted sponsors, especially companies and […]