Creche de Tanger

9h30 - 20h00

Open from Monday to Saturday

+212 5 39 93 31 66

+212 5 39 33 12 46

+212 6 61 06 70 16

9h30 - 20h00

مفتوح من الاثنين إلى السبت

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Bank Account : Attijariwafa Bank Agence Tanger Medina (615)
RIB : 007 640 0006154000300383 67
007 640 0008108000302078 53
Code Swift : BCMAMAMC


Cash (against Delivery of Receipt) or Check in the name of the Association “La Crèche de Tanger” for newborns and abandoned children or Transfer Order:

   Bank details :  

Account number 1: 007 640 0006015000304504 39 

Account number 2: 007 640 0008108000302078 53

Code Swift    :    BC MAMAMC 

Agency          :    Attijariwafa Bank Tanger Branes (615)

Agency          :    Attijariwafa Bank Tanger Marchane

To Pay The Salaries of Nurses who take care of babies 24 hours a day, Milk and Flour, Food Products, Medicines, Analyzes – X-Rays – Scanners, Diapers, Baby bottles, Clothing, Toiletries, Maintenance Products, Repairs and Purchase of any product necessary for the Crèche.

  Food Products :

Nan Milk (1st age, 2nd age and 3rd age ), Nan AR Milk, Pre Nan Milk, Nursie Milk (1st age, 2nd age), Nativa Milk (1st age, 2nd age), Liquid Growth Milk, Nido Milk, Central Milk, Cerelac. 

Yogurt, Dan Up, Raibi, Water (33cl, 50cl, 1.5L, 5L), Juice (200ml, 1L), Biscuits, Corn Flakes, Cheese, butter, spread, jam.

Tuna, corn, mayonnaise, ketchup, mortadella, vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, turkey fillet, sausages. ÿ Miscellaneous Machinery: Couscous, rice, pasta, lentils, white beans, chickpeas, concentrated tomatoes, 5L vegetable oil. 

Miscellaneous Medicines :

         Antibiotic – Anti Inflammatoire – Calming– Anti Irritation, etc…


Shampoo, shower gel, handkerchiefs, cotton swab, wipes, eau de toilette, diaper cream, baby bottles, bottle teat, bottle brush, dettol liquid soap. 

Diapers of all sizes, adult diapers.. 

Maintenance, Cleaning and Hygiene Products :

Ariel, Omo, liquid Marseille soap, Fairy, Flota, bleach,  household cleaner (Mr propre, Exet…), Tide, , garbage bags (100 ml).

 Miscellaneous Machinery:

Washing machine, Dryer 

Thank you for your help and support